Delivery Information

Return and exchange policy


1. The cross-border e-commerce promises that if the goods purchased by consumers through cross-border e-commerce can be kept as they were when they were sold and the accessories and gifts (if any) are complete, they can enjoy the 7-day no reason return policy from the date of receiving the goods, and consumers can apply for return online and contact customer service; However, according to the law and the nature of the goods, the following goods do not enjoy the 7-day no reason return policy:


(1) Consumers order goods;

(2) Fresh perishable goods, such as flowers, green plants, fruits and vegetables, low-temperature dairy products, frozen food, etc;

(3) Digital products such as audio-visual products, computer software, etc. downloaded online or unsealed by consumers;

(4) Newspapers and periodicals delivered;

(5) Food products, such as food, health products, beverages, drugs, alcohol, milk powder, baby food, etc;

(6) Precious commodities, such as diamonds, precious metals, watches, jewelry, luxury goods, etc;

(7) Personal care, personal products, such as family planning products, beauty care, underwear, personal socks and pants, etc;;

(8) Virtual goods, such as gift cards, mobile phone recharge, game cards and other recharge goods, as well as tickets, air tickets, travel packages and other disposable consumer services;

(9) Special commodities, such as mobile phones contracted by operators, second-hand products, processed products, etc;

(10) Other goods that are not suitable for return according to the nature of the goods.


2. 7 days no reason return policy, currently only support return, not exchange.


3. For the application of the above 7-day no reason return policy, if the merchant and you have another agreement, the agreement shall prevail, except that the agreement conflicts with the legal provisions and is lower than the standard of Wanyou return policy.


2、 Reasonable return policy


Cross border e-commerce promises that if the goods you buy through the cross-border e-commerce website have any functional failure or quality problems stipulated by the national laws, you can return the goods within 7 days and exchange the goods within 15 days from the date of receiving the goods. If it involves warranty, you can use the warranty within the warranty period, and you can apply for return and exchange online.


In particular, the following circumstances will not be returned:


1. Any goods not sold by our cross border e-commerce (serial number does not match);

2. Over guaranteed goods (goods beyond the warranty period of Three Guarantees);

3. Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid intake, accident, alteration and incorrect installation, or tearing, altering labels, machine serial numbers and anti-counterfeiting marks;

4. Unable to provide the invoice, warranty card and other Three Guarantees certificate of the goods, or the information of Three Guarantees certificate is inconsistent with the goods and is altered;

5. Other goods that should not be returned or exchanged according to law


Return and exchange process


1. If the goods are damaged, deteriorated or damaged within the specified period after receiving, please take clear photos and contact Wanyou customer service to explain the reason for return or replacement

2. Arrange return or exchange after customer service verification